Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peruvian Vase - Background

I worked on the background with water mixable oils. A bluish gray around the vase (to complement the orange hue from the vase), becoming more darker at the edges.

Peruvian Vase - Flowers and vase

The next 2 stages , still using acrylics to block in.

Peruvian Vase - Rough block in

This is the rough block in using acrylics. I use acrylics in the beginning stages because they dry quickly. I will be painting using Water mixable Oils later on.

Peruvian Vase

This is one of the many vases that my husband and son bought from their vacation at Peru. I liked the native design on this small vase and wanted to paint it. I will share pictures of the work in progress with you.